New build, no monitor on attempting to boot, help please

Hello all, my first build--need help!!

Cooler Master HAF 912 Mid Tower ATX Case (RC-912-KKN1)

Antec EarthWatts 750 Watt ATX12v v2.3 Power Supply

ASUS AMD Socket AM3 790X/SB750 New Generation 8+2 Phase Power Design ATX DDR3 1066 Motherboard M4A79XTD

AMD CPU HDZ955FBGMBOX Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition 3.2GHz AM3 125W, heat sink and fan installed

One stick DDr3 ram, 4gb

Radeon 6950 graphics card, connected PCI express power cables from Power supply, fan runs

Any suggestions appreciated,,

Problem as follows,,,,,, No monitor on boot up, dead ,,,fans running, no beeps,,,triple checked all connections

this was put together as I watched,,,however,,,I had purchased DDR2 ram,,which didn't fit, my mistake,,board will only take ddr3,--- which I purchased the next day , 1 stick, PNY 4mg of ram and popped in,,I'm attempting to installl old hard drive with xp OS,,connected that with ide cable,,,molex connected for power to HD,,I power up,,,nothing but fans,,no sounds,beep, no monitors,,puzzled!!
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  1. No monitors means no image on the monitor screen correct? Initially sounds like your motherboard is dead but I cant be sure right now.
  2. mgf derp said:
    No monitors means no image on the monitor screen correct? Initially sounds like your motherboard is dead but I cant be sure right now.

    correct,,,how might I check the motherboard,,,just installed yesterday,,,wow
  3. Dead on arrival happens. Do you have any other computers you could use parts from/ transfer parts to?
  4. Just a dell 4600,,ancient,,,,not sure anything there is usable,,,if the quad core cpu were bad, would I get the same symptoms,,or something like them,,no monitor etc..??
    seems the graphics card would be a prime suspect ,,but I'm brand new at this,,thanks much for your quick replys
  5. is it a new monitor?
  6. yes, dell,,20inch widescreen, a year old roughly,,,thanks for your reply,,

    I'm using an adapter coming out of the radeon 6950, to convert to vga on the dell monitor

    ,,I want to eventually go to 3 monitors off the radeon, but in the meantime I'd like to try a 32" HDTV,,,Perhaps I should try an HCLI, coming out of the card,,to the HDTV, which if 2 months old,,,strange why I get no beeps,,monitor signal, sounds more and more like a MOBO problem,,,
  7. Yeah try either hooking the computer up to the tv or a different computer up to the monitor. If the monitor works and your computer doesn't post on the tv I am going to bet its a dead motherboard. Depending on when you bought it you should probably be able to RMA it under warranty. Good luck
  8. checked the monitor, it works, using it as I type on my roomates dell,,would a bad cpu possibly cause the situation,,,or the MOBO more likely? anything is possible, I suspect, I know just enough to be dangerous, LOL,,thanks again
  9. A bad CPU would not cause there to be no display. It would be the 6950. Can you get a monitor to test the graphics with?
  10. His monitor works. If there are no error beep codes being emitted from the motherboard it is probably that. If the motherboard worked and the graphics didnt you would hear an error beep code being emitted from your speakers.
  11. I still advise you to try it. There's a chance it's a graphics issue.
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