Good PCI USB3 card?

I have a Dell Vostro 460 and want to add a PCI USB3 card. I'm looking for the following features:

1. At least two if not 3 external ports as the Vostro 460 has only 4 rear USB2 ports :-(. 4 ports would be nice!
2. I also want to add an internal USB3 media card reader to my front panel as they become more available, so I would need one
USB internal port on the PCI card to hook up the card reader, preferably with enough voltage output to adequetly power up a
front USB3 port the card readers usually have built in. Most of the cards I've looked at either don't have an internal port or don't
mention in the specs if they do or not. Voltage to run a front USB3 port is almost never mentioned, only occasionally in the User
3. Something reliable ;-).

Anyone have good experience with a particular card?
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