Pentium 4 upgrade to core 2 duo with chip

can pentium be upgraded to core 2 duo via any chip ?
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  1. depends on your motherboard. what motherboard do you have?
  2. it has as an LGA775 socket
  3. We're going to need a model number of the motherboard, just because it has LGA775 doesn't necessarily mean you can upgrade to Core 2 Duo, some 775 boards will only support single core CPUs, some boards will only support up to Pentium D, and many boards will only support some, not all of the Core 2 series. We need more information to recommend a CPU upgrade.
  4. A model number would be necessary. Some 775 boards will support Pentium 4 / D / Early Core 2 processors (ones that had 800FSB generally).
  5. As has been said, a model number is needed. LGA 775 has SEVERAL different chipsets, and the different chipsets have varying levels of CPU support.
  6. model number is D945GNT
  7. That board won't support anything in the Core 2 Duo family. The biggest, baddest processor it will support is a Pentium D 960 (3.6 GHz, Dual Core, 2x2MB Cache) which isn't a horrible chip. It'll actually outrun some of the lower end core 2 chips by a long shot.
  8. alianjum said:
    model number is D945GNT

    that would not take the conroes but since you can get a 965 motherboard and a C2D for quite a low price nowadays it maybe is a good idea to upgrade
  9. alianjum said:
    it has as an LGA775 socket

    Ha, this is the exact same thing I was thinking about doing.....I too have a Pentium 4, (I've grown kind of fond of it, though it is an almost universally maligned processor) in an LGA 775 socket. When I read that Core 2's fit into the same socket, I was ecstatic at first, thinking I could upgrade to a dual core, 64 bit system on the cheap, and without gutting my case. Then I started to read more.....and discovered that there was a lot more to CPU/mobo compatibility than the socket type. Then I decided, screw it, I'm a gonna build myself a brand new system, probably with an 1155 board, and i7-2600 processor! Unless the Bulldozer stacks up against an i7, not just i5, I am afraid that I am sticking with Intel.
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