Is my Athlon x2 6000+ cpu bottlenecking my new GTX 650 Ti?

Im using the AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+

with newly purchased MSI GTX 650 Ti

and in World of Warcraft I'm seeing no drastic improvement over my EVGA 8800 GT!!!! which was 3 years old.

low fps - 26
high fps - 60 through 65

avg - 30

is my CPU effecting the performance of my graphics card?
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  1. Wow is CPU dependant so your 6000+ will be limiting you and your 560 Ti. You may want to try overclocking your processor, but depending on your motherboard you may be able to get a newer AMD CPU in there for a pretty cheap price. What is your motherboard?
  2. i have the ASUS M4A785-M

    so if i were to upgrade to a x6 core or x4 core would i see an increase in FPS?
  3. Based on your explanation I would say yes. The 560 TI is much more powerful than the 8800 GT.

    Do you have a budget to get a new motherboard, memory, and CPU? Until you can go that route your only other option is to OC your processor, and even then you won't see too much improvement.
  4. I have a 6000+ too, but its paired with a hd-4870.
    It seems to play games well, but with the 4870 its cpu-gpu matched, or maybe the card is still a bit faster than the cpu at times like in games like dirt2 and gtaIV where i get around 30 to 50 fps.

    Its only a 3ghz dual core, so some games run better with a tri-core or quad.
    The gtx 560 is at least 1.5 times faster than the 4870, so yes i think in some games it would be cpu-limited.

    I would go on the mother board's website and see if there is a bios update to let you run the phenomII cpu's or athlonII x3/x4.
    My msi am2 mb did not have a bios update to phenom/phenomII. But some am2 boards did have a bios update so i would have a look.
  5. In computer years that CPU is ancient and likely the bottleneck of your system. An upgrade to an Athlon II Quad-Core or equivalent and at least 4 GB of RAM would bring the rest of the system up to par.
  6. if i'm not wrong, WoW only use 2 cores. Even you upgrade to 4 or 6 core, all other core will not be usable . What is your RAM?
  7. BUT FIRST, read the reviews on your 560Ti. Check the FPS & setting they use. Run the same bench marks if your FAR below their scores, they you need a CPU upgrade......

    Or, download and install FurMark. Run the burn in test full screen with Standard Size set to 1280x1024. You Should meet or beat my MSI 460 card:

    - 85 FPS Average

    Great news, you can easily upgrade your CPU:

    - go the ASUS site, download and install the latest BIOS 1st.
    - NOTE: if you don't likely MB won't be able to "recognize" the new CPU

    Get and Athlon II 630 or 640 if money is tight....

    Else AMD 955 ....

    Quad cores will work wonders.............

    Second RAM: 2Gb is Ok. But bump it up to 4Gb is your can afford it....

    BUT FIRST, read the reviews on your 560Ti. Check the FPS & setting they use. Run the same bench marks if your FAR below their scores, they you need a CPU upgrade......
  8. I thought your system was older and you upgraded the card, the 6000+ is pretty old today.

    The 6000+ is a quite salable cpu used, since it is the 2md fastest AM2 cpu, it is sought after if someone has a package system with a slower AM2 cpu, or a older board like my old am2 msi, for many the 3ghz 6000+ is a lot better than a brisbane 4600+ or sempron single core.

    Sell the easy to sell cpu, then use the cash to get a new cpu.
  9. Ok true maybe it only uses 2 cores in that game, but the old 6000+ has a much slower memory bus and ht bus cause its 90nm and older am2.
    Even the cheapest athlonII regor will kick the old 6000+ and overclock to 600mhz faster while still staying under 75 watts. Overclocked to 3.2ghz the 6000+ soars to 150 watts or so.
    Even a unlocked sempron 145 is faster.
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