GTX 460 SLI vs GTX 560 TI SOC Single Card

I already own this card, and i want to get another for SLI, but I have seen the benchmarks and such so I know the 560 scales better and is faster than this card, now my question is Should save the 70+ dollars and go with the sli'd 460's or should I upgrade to the 560 and sell the 460 and get sli 560's down the line? Also i don't overclock any of my components as i don't see a need for it but here are my system specs. Or should spend the money on another component for my rig?

Asus P6X58-E mobo
6 GB OCZ 1600mhz Ram
Core i7 930 Stock
GTX 460 1gb
Corsair 850 watt PSU
Corsair H50 CPU cooler
WD caviar Black 1TB HDD

Also IF i decide to sell the graphics card would anyone like to buy it? I'm asking $130 shipping included.
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    I would say get the second GTX 460 for SLI. The jump up to a 560 is nice, but the jump up to the 460's in SLI will be even more. Two GTX 460's in SLI is more comparable in performance to a single GTX 580. So you will get more performance for less money with two GTX 460's in SLI.
  2. Is tessallation a factor i should consider since dx11 games use it and i own AvP, Metro 2033 and Crysis 2, and the 500 series seem more optimized for it or is the performance negligible?
  3. The tesselation performance is identical, on a clock for clock basis. Tom's Hardware has shown that Nvidia's tesselation performance does not scale well with additional polymorph engines (that is, with the exception of the new GTX 590). Overall the GTX 460's in SLI will still perform tesselation rendering better than a single GTX 560.,2898-3.html
  4. It looks like I will have to sell my gtx 460 since i can't sli it, my case has no room i tried it with my friends 460 and it wouldn't fit, So if anyone is interested i am selling my 460 at the price mentioned above.
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