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Will a XFX 680i LT SLI motherboard support an Intel E5700 CPU?

I'm trying to upgrade the CPU of an older machine with a XFX 680i LT SLI motherboard.

Before ordering the Intel E5700, I searched around and checked the mobo manual - it said it supported Intel processors like the dual-core and Core-2 Duo, etc. I ordered the E5700, it's out for delivery, and now I discover you have to register / log-in to XFX to get their support data.

On the product page for the 680i LT SLI, it has a CPU Compatibility Guide that does not list the E5700. Does that mean it absolutely won't work or is it just not listed on the "guide"? Would it hurt anything to try it, or should I go ahead and get an RMA?

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    It will almost certainly work. Compatibility lists are rarely exhaustive, and are usually just a limited set of hardware they actually tested. I'm not aware of any weird compatibility issues related to the LGA 775 chipset.

    Since your motherboard uses LGA 775, and that processor is LGA 775, I expect you will have no issues.
  2. I am not certain if XFX will support the E5700 on your board.
    Two Different Sources show that the MB-N680-ILT9 supports only up to an E5300, but it is conceivable that XFX has since released further updated firmware.

    I would highly recommend creating an XFX account and flashing your BIOS to the most current before installing the new CPU.
  3. Ok, so I tried the CPU without doing anything to the BIOS and it worked straight away! Machine booted right up with no problems, detected the new hardware, and has been running just fine ever since.

    Thanks for the help and suggestions!

    (I would have flashed the BIOS, but the XFX site had a typo or something, so they had TWO listings for what seemed to be the same mobo under two different part numbers - one with an added character. One had bios, one didn't. I couldn't be sure which was which, so I just left well enough alone.)
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