GIGABYTE GA-Z68XP-UD3 Video Issue discrete card

The graphics card does not show up at all with the mobo. I tried everything including a hard reset!

I used three graphics cards ranging from 5770-7770, the 7770 is a not mine and is not even a week old.

I am still running off the on board even though I told the MOBO pcie 16x and Enable if no ext PEG'.

If the graphics card is not detected it can not be installed, if it is not installed I can not attempt to use lucid virtue logix software.

This is torture...
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  1. forget it going to RMA to Gigabyte this board has to be bad...
  2. have you tried the video card in the other pci video card slot. it wont be an 8x slot but if it works in the other slot then you may have a bad slot on the mb. also have you checked that there not a bent pin in the pci slot and is the bios up to date??
  3. Yeah I think it is a bad slot, and the motherboard period!! I do not like something I saw particularly on the motherboard. There was something on there where you insert the cpu it was there before, so i never paid no mind.. now I saw more of them after I removed the cpu and cleaned off all the thermal paste.

    It has to be a combo of that and the PCI-E slots >.>.

    Well concerning the slots, there was not anything Bent per-se I did not even attempt to look or try to see inside of it so see if anything was bent... but there were some bent pins in another location, if that place had them there is a chance of a bent pci slot!! so yeah... I spoke to gigabyte.. RMA RMA RMA RMA all the way.

    I want to get back to using windows 8 consumer preview or something >_>. The pins I saw on there that were bent would cause the motherboard in the bios and according to the CPU to only register that the on-board graphics chips is the only thing there. It was like the On-board and graphics were fighting for control also. flicker some times resolution was grayed out and bios and BSOED.

    Bios is at the latest which came out around march 22nd I believe, So i'll RMA and post results. I hardly use this build.. I bought parts a long time ago and never paid attention to the MOBo I had a feeling this would have happened.

    If you want to reply for more advice and tips I would appreciate it.
  4. does anyone know if trim can be used on raid mode in ssd's or did intel not release such an update?
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