Sabertooth x79 not powering on... please help

Just built a new system. Green standby light is coming on. However, the system does not power on.

Yes, I have double checked all the power switch connections ... is there a power switch on the board (in case the power switch is broken?)

Its not the power supply, I have a 850Watt PS that was working fine in my previous build... I disconnected the video card/ extra fans/ extra HDDs and it still won't turn on.

I have been building/troubleshooting PCs for over 10 years and this one has got me stumped.

Is it just a bad mobo??!?
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  1. Need more system info; ram make, speed, cpu, breadboard tested yet?
  2. Let me guess - an i7-3820. IF that's the case then update the BIOS to 1104 via USB BIOS Flashback - you will need to rename the BIOS to -- SABERX79.ROM -- and you must use the White USB 2.0 port with a non-partitioned FAT32 Flash Drive.

    I would first also try to Clear CMOS via the 'Jumper' method, unplug the PSU for 5 minutes first to discharge then follow this video -

    Also make certain the HSF is properly mounted, in most instances the 'LGA 2011' standoff: ==|=== with the shorter part to the MOBO & longer to the HSF assembly. I take for granted both 8/24-pin are installed, compatible RAM in the Light-Brown DIMM slots, etc.

    Q - Where are the red LEDs stopping? I assume the CPU or perhaps the DRAM.
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