Gtx 590 and corsair powersuppyl

Details for the GTX 590 say that you would need at least a 700watt powersuppy, and 50 amps on a 12v rail. I have a 650 watt TX corsair psu, with 52 amps on the 12v rail. I was wondering if this would be enough to run it with a i7 930 at 4.0ghz, and everything else in my case?

Specs as of right now.

I7 930 at 4.0ghz
H70 watercooling
ATI 5870 1gb.
320gb, and 1tb storage.
6gb XMS3 memory.
TX 650 corsair PSU.
Silverstone Raven RV02 case.
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  1. I bet he's read all of the reviews where the GTX 590 was overclocked, got a nice boost, and remained much quieter than the 6990 with no problems.

    And you need a 700 watt power supply. The Corsair will deliver more than it's rating, so it should work, I just wouldn't plan on it for the long term.
  2. Just don't mess with the voltage. I've seen plenty of reviews, most I should say, that had no problems. The official explanation is that the ones that blew up were using the wrong driver. The truth is, the 6990 is no alternative for anyone that actually wants to be able to live with one of these cards in the same room.
  3. Seriously lets not have a debate here, lets stay on subject. If I asked about the 6990, then I would have. The sound, and how big it is doesn't appeal to me. I really don't think it would fit in my rv02. My 5870 has 1 or less than an inch from hitting the fan grill.

    I just wanted to know if I would have any problems with the PSU I have, and the gtx 590. I really want to try nvidia. I haven't had a product from them since a 5k series.

    Also the gtx 590 does have better power consumption right? Correct me if I'm wrong.

  4. Quote:
    9 reviewers blew theres up overclocking and you think the product is "Fine"? You don't own either card where i have had a 580 and now 6990's so i think my opinion is beneficial to the OP

    The reason why they blew up is because they didn't even use the right drivers, they took off all the warnings, and pumped the voltages up beyond its suppose to go.
  5. I wouldn't call a 700$ gpu junk if somebody is overvolting it, thats their own fault for tinkering with it like that. the MAJORITY of people will get the card, install it, go to the nvidia website and install the latest drivers, not take old drivers and use it on their new card.

    It can happen with any card, not just these. I'm not a fan boy, but I've had ati/amd for a while, went from a 4870, to a 5870.
  6. So I'm guessing i won't have to upgrade my PSU also? Thats really good to know.. I don't want to fork out another 100+ $ for a PSU on top of a 700+ gpu.
  7. Quote:
    There are actually a few reviewers who blew up the card with the new drivers as well. If you buy one just don't overclock it without some better cooling

    This is why i went with the 6990's over the 590. Hope you have a good case OP

    6990 :

    590 :

    I'm running everything in a silverstone Raven RV02. Supposable one of the best airflow cases.
  8. haxs101 said:
    I'm running everything in a silverstone Raven RV02. Supposable one of the best airflow cases.

    Is that the one that inverts the video card into a vertical position? I read one review of either SLI or Crossfire of one of these cards, and they specifically recommended that case.
  9. going to the original question, i think he can run the card with the 650w psu, look at the charts, while playing crysis its power consumption was at 512w, it still leaves like 150w left in the power supply, so i dont think he will have a problem and corsair makes high quality products
  10. Quote:
    PSU's are at the 80% range making a 650W really a 520w

    thats backwards, they are rated by the DC output, so 650W unit would draw like 810W from the wall with 80% eff
  11. I know good PSU's can draw much more sustained power than their rating.
  12. I have the same problem. What extra connectors do we need from the Corsair 650w for the gtx 590? I think we just have two 6 pins after checking the Corsair site... If so, dont we need 4 6 pins?
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