Need help with my headset please

im new and i just got a headset a cheap little headset and it doesnt work im plugged it into all slots tryed it with the splitter and it still doesnt work i went into sound and tested it it said i didnt have anything installed ive searched the internet and have found nothing on this (well nothing that would help me)

so im wondering if there anything i can do

Sound Card
High Definition Audio Device
Playback Device
Digital Audio (HDMI) (High Definition Audio Device)

heres my sound card if u need my other specs just ask
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  2. did u install the sound drivers?
  3. i think have the sound icon and everything

    this is my motherboard

    BIOSTAR Group N61PC-M2S (Socket AM2 )
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  5. dude whats with the bumps???

    anyway sorry dude, i dont think i can help, gonna need another person who had a similar experience, since i cannot originate the EXACT source of the problem... and trust me i was still thinking.
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