Need help to put a system together for a friend!

I'm about to help a friend putting a computer together.

He said he wanted to be able to play Black Ops at 60 fps.

I haven't been into computing for a long time as i gave it up after i build my own.

So i'm asking you to help me finding the components i'll need.

I don't wanna give you a budget yet.

I just wanna know how much it'll cost to get 60 fps in Black Ops, (he is planning to run Diablo 3 on it in the future)
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  1. I don't get it, why a micro mobo?

    Whats the difference between Micro-ATX and normal ATX?
  2. The difference between a mATX and ATX is the additional internal PCI / PCIe slots the board has. If you aren't needing to add additional cards, the mATX board is fine. Otherwise opt up for a full size board.
  3. So no performance difference whatsoever?

    Also noticed the GFX is 2.1 x16 while the motherboard is 2.0 x16, what does this mean?
  4. Correct. No performance difference.

    PCIe info =>

    PCI Express 2.1
    PCI Express 2.1 supports a large proportion of the management, support, and troubleshooting systems planned to be fully implemented in PCI Express 3.0. However, the speed is the same as PCI Express 2.0. Most motherboards sold currently come with PCI Express 2.0 connectors.
  5. 650w is enough to run this system?

    I also got a old Corsair 520w PSU, is that possible?
  6. 650w is plenty for that build
  7. Good build for your needs. If you can fit more out of your budget look at the Asus p8p67 Pro or LE board and a Intel® Core™ i5-2500K. The Intel Core i5-2500K gives you about the best gaming cpu on the market today.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  8. Good question what is your budget and resolution of the monitor this computer will be used with? Also the 520w would probably be enough for that listed build.
  9. He finds the current price alittle over his budget, so i'm trying to make it cheaper. He isn't some computer enthusiast who MUST have 60 fps in every game at maximum settings. He just wants a computer that can play most games and future games on 60 fps, not careing if he needs to choose lower settings. If its possible to make it even cheaper, it would be highly appreciated!
  10. How cheap and what resolution? These are important pieces of information.
  11. I can't tell you much about the budget, he just wants his requirements meet.

    His resolution is about 1920x1080
  12. Better temper your expectations on reducing that build and still expect close to 60FPS. The Sandy Bridge build above for $800 is a VERY solid machine at a good price point. You may be able to shave a little money off here and there (CL9 instead of CL7), but nothing significant. A somewhat "comparable" AMD build would still be around $700, and at that price upgrading to the Sandy Bridge build is a no brainer as it is noticeably faster.

    Get your friend to narrow down a budget and we can work from there.
  13. Grab this combo add a Radeon HD 6870 or GTX 460/560 and call it a day for $700 or under. If thats too expensive let me know and Ill try again. ;)
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