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Hi everyone,

I would appreciate your advise concerning my possible upgrade from GTX 295. I have opportunity to sell it for 100 EUR and buy new GPU. I have an advantage that I can buy it without VAT in Germany - it means 19% off, same as with my old GTX 295 which I have bought some 2 years ago.

I would strongly prefer single GPU solution - clear, neat, any noise, any troubles with drivers, SLI issues, DX 11 etc...

Now I have found these options:

GTX 570 (Gainward) for 250 EUR (without VAT) and - 100 EUR (from GTX 295 sale) = final price 150 EUR.
GTX 580 OC (GTX580 1536MB Sparkle Calibre X580 OC 810 Mhz) for 400 (without VAT) and - 100EUR = final price 300 EUR.
or possible
ATI 6970 for 275 EUR without VAT and - 100 EUR = final price 175 EUR

Last option is to keep GTX 295 and wait with upgrade. Could I expect some price drop in case of GTX 580 after release of GTX 590 or this isn't gonna happen?

My system is in sig but main features are - Q6600 oced @3.6 Ghz (24/7), 4 GB DDR2 and gaming res 1920*1200 (26 inch monitor)

Hardcore gamer - playing Total War Shogun 2 and FPS games (BFBC2, Crysis2 and next releases like Battlefield 3)

Thanx a lot
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  1. Going to GTX570 would be upgrade but marginal (some 10% better performance) I know that GTX 580 is better choice performance wise but price is double so I try to justify costs too.

    Well GTX 295 is only DX10 card and optimalization of latest driver isn't great (266.58). Some games like TW Shogun 2 has problem with SLI and run it on one core (downgraded GTX 275) isn't really best gaming experience.

    Is there some GTX 580 price drop envisaged after GTX 590 release (in 2 weeks lets say)? Of course as I wrote above I don't exclude last option to stick with GTX 295 but I wanted to hear some expert opinions on this forum.

    Thanks for yours.
  2. download the 267.24 beta drivers and stick with your 295..
    i have 2 x 295s in quad sli... run like a dream..
    and 295-570 is only a dx11 gain nothing else...
  3. whats s about 580? Do I notice some performance gain or pure waste of money too?
  4. More than a 570.

    The GTX 295 is still a very good card.
  5. Being honest I am very strong TW player (like 2000 hours in ETW+NTW) so I play shogun 2 A LOT now. As you maybe know there is no SLI support so playing on large/large even some 2v2 battle is slideshow of 15 fps. I will wait till newest patch release and if nothing I am forced to look for some solution..GTX 570 or ATI 6970 seems to be pretty nice priced nowadays. Money is not big concern but I cant justify costs of GTX 580...10% more preformance over 6970/570 for double price? I can also rid of GTX 295 for some 100 EUR which is not so bad I think....nevertheless thanx everyone for help....I really appreciate it
  6. Good luck with your new card :)
  7. I own a GTX295 ... and it f--king rocks :)
    Look....go search better drivers,make some OC,cool down the card and stick with it.
    Is a great GPU.
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