Samsung monte wlan configure

am having a samsung monte and pretty stuck with using wifi connection. want to use the shared internet connection in my pc to my phone through the wifi adapter. already am using the same connection in my laptop from the wired internet connection in pc.

have enabled the auto dns dhcp etc services in pc connection and my laptop is working fine with the connection.

the cellphone refuses to connect to the adhoc network if the ips are kept in auto assign. if am assigning the ips related to the adhoc network the mobile connects into the network but,

still can't get the internet shared into samsung monte through the established wlan connection.

it seems the phone not getting auto ip assigned by the pc when ips not kept static.

but don't know why the internet can't be used even if the phone gets connected to the network in the static ip mode.

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  1. Don't use ad hoc setting ?
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