Computer won't boot into windows after reset.

HI, i recently built a new computer with the following parts:

i7-2600k at 4.4 ghz
Thermaltake Frio Cooler
Asus p8p67 deluxe motherboard
8 gb corsair vengeance ram at 1600mhz 9-9-9-24
750watt thermaltake psu
antec twelve hundred case
gtx 460 1gb
1tb wd internal drive x1
1tb wd external usb drive x1

here's my story:

Everything was fine when i first completed building my pc, it booted first time and i successfully installed windows 7 and i even got to playing battlefield: bc2 on it. However, when i restart my pc after a windows update or any reason at all, it will show asus motherboard logo, then Marvelltray for raid, then nothing. It refuses to boot back into windows and just sit at a black screen with a small dot blinking at top left of screen, like it is waiting for something. This occurs when restarting and after a full shutdown. I think it is an issue with the motherboard, but i don;t know how to go about fixing this? is this a common problem for the asus p8p67 deluxe?

I found a temporary fix, which is to leave my windows 7 installation cd in the dvd drive. At boot, it asks to boot from cd, i ignore it, then it proceeds to go into windows from there, why does my system do this?
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    I have a machine that would do that with a specific USB drive connected, and similarly only on a shutdown/restart, not on a warm reboot.

    Make sure you have any potential external boot devices disconnected and see if that lets it boot normally. If so, disable USB boot devices in CMOS.
  2. Thank you, i just removed my wd external drive, shutdown and restarted into windows!
    However now when i turn on my pc, it does a double boot, it will start for about 5 secs then turn off and then turn on again and boot as normal. Does this relate to power settings in EFI bios at all?

    Also, i would like to continue using my external drive, so how would i go about disabling it in cmos like you suggested?
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