No post, no beep. After a few minutes it boots.

I just built my first pc. Most of the time it boots just fine but recently i have encountered no post or beeps during boot (this has happened 3 times, once when waking up from sleep and twice being turned on). Im thinking it may be a bad power supply??? If i turn on the computer and it doesnt post or beep, i let the computer sit and a few minutes later it eventually will post, beep and boot. The computer runs fine once it boots. I was getting a BSOD error but i recently formatted my hard drive and re-installed windows 7. havent had a single BSOD error since. here are my specs:
*Asus m4a79xtd evo motherboard
*AMD phenom 965 3.4 ghz x4 black edition cpu
*500Gb western digital hdd
*BFG 450watt power supply
*Nvidia GeForce 9500GT video card
*8GB gskill sniper ram 1333
*Lite-on cd-dvd drive
*Fan controller
*Card reader
*Wireless card
*Windows 7 Ultimate

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. I'm confused.

    "this has happened 3 times, once when waking up from sleep and twice being turned on"

    You wouldn't expect to see a boot screen or hear a beep when the machine is waking up from sleep. So, the problem is that twice (because in the wake-up instance, it shouldn't post/beep anyway) it basically took a while to post? Has this happened again?
  2. sorry i must have left a part out. when the computer was waking up from sleep, the screen never turned on. the only thing i could do was restart it. Upon the next restart is when i encountered the computer not posting. at that time i didnt realize the computer would eventually post if i waited a few minutes.

    so yeah the computer has been taking a while to post. sometimes it starts just fine, sometimes it takes a bit.
  3. and the other two times were cold starts where the computer had been off over night. thanks
  4. So you power up and see *nothing* for a minute or so? I'm stumped. :)
  5. yes sir. Im leaning towards a weak power supply tho. ive been doing some reading and have seen that some ppl have had similar problems. they thought that while the screen was black, the power supply was actually charging up until it had enough voltage to boot the computer. idk tho.
  6. How old is this build?

    It could possibly be the power supply. If you can't think of anything else, you can buy a good 600W (or so) to confirm. You are going to want a better PSU anyway if you are planning to upgrade your video card.
  7. it was built about a month ago but has only really been used for the past 2 weeks. i think i will upgrade to a better psu, im also thinking about rma'ing the motherboard as most of the ppl with this problem seem to have the same motherboard as me. they rma'ed theirs and it seemed to fix their problems.
  8. Cool. Let us know how it goes.
  9. Hey, i have a similar problem where i get no video, no POST beep and fans keep running. Also the power and reset button do not work when this happens. I have to shut it off by unplugging the main AC power cable. It wont start after repeated attempts like this. Then after 3 to 4 days of inactivity it starts up and works normally. But once I shut it down I have to avoid touching it for 3 days to start it back up.
    Have posted my problem in the following thread.
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