Fan and heat sink for amd processor

Need to know a good but cheap fan and heatsink combo i hope that will work best to keep Athlon x2 7750 dual core socket AM2+ processor cool enough
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  1. you idea of cheap and my idea of cheap are probably different. so im going to give you 2 options.

    first is this.. its about $70

    if you want cheaper. go with this.

    another option you have is a self contained liquid cooling. you dont need anything else but what is in this kit. this one is $61. so its a good deal
  2. PS, order some good thermal paste. and put it on right!!

    That is my cheap recommendation, it'll be plenty to keep the processor cool and will fit in most cases.
  4. Loneninja's selection will work, although I think a cooler with a 120mm fan will be quieter.
    Coolermaster Hyper 212+: for $28
    Xigmatek Gaia: for $30

    The former kept my 740BE nice and cool (forget temps), and the latter on my 3.8GHz 970BE idles around 31C and games around 45C.
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