Help build home server for video-audio htpc

i need some help for video's HTTP with Norco4224 4224 case , witch motherboard and raid card and memory suggestions are?
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  1. Any AM3, or AM3+, motherboard with onboard video of HD 4200, HD 4250 or HD 4290 will do the job (as a minimum hardware level). Most of these motherboards will have an onboard RAID controller as well. Fill out the form in the below link to give us a little more information...
  2. thanks for your answer, ok,
    so I need a advice for build a home server where to store up to 24 Hdd of music and movies, Already i do have 10 HDD but i will need more space for , i want to buy this norco server case where i can fit 24 HDD , but i need some help for chosing the motherbord and raid controler thrue my router , this server i want to keep it in my garage and have acces and control from my pc from the house.
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