What is the best router for my network situation?

Hi... I am somewhat new to networking and understand the basics though I am rather confused by the plethora of hardware available. I want to add a router to our current setup that would provide the best performance for our use. Two of us are gamers (albeit casual-no raids), playing mostly EQ2, WoW, and SC2. The other 3 are mostly internet cruisers (websites, email, music downloads).

I currently have a broadband connection, an 8-port switch (D-Link DSS 8+) wired to 5 desktop computers. I also have a wireless access point (D-Link DWL2100AP) that I want to add in for access for 2 laptops, a PS3, and a Wii.

I started looking at a D-Link EBR-2310 router but ran across a lot of negative reviews from gamers having dropped connection issues. Then I came across the D-Link DGL-4100 but found that version had been discontinued in Canada in 2009. The DGL-4500 looks to be its replacement - but is it worth the money? I can not find anywhere in Calgary AB (Canada) that carries it!
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  1. If you are using that many devices on the network (5 computers, more laptops, game devices) make sure you get a top of the line router that has QOS (quality of service) options. Otherwise you will have many odd issues with lag, slow downloads, dropping of connections.

    I don't buy this things all the time so can't recomment a specific model, but start out with the fact that you can't get away with a cheap or middle of the road model and go from there.
  2. Buy a linksys based model. The Linksys ES1000 (wireless N) will do more than enough.

    If you have multiple wireless users, you can go with the Linksys Wireless N with MIMO, itslike $160 I think.

    The routers today will handle all this stuff with ease, your bigger bottleneck is going to be your actual internet connection.

    I wouldn't buy the cheaper no name brand router, I stick with Linksys myself but D-Link is always a solid option as well.
  3. Tigerdirect is a good choice seeing that you are in the Land of Canadia.

    Here are two options - if they fit within your budget, I'd go with the second one listed (Cisco). Cisco is the parent company of Linksys. Linksys is more of their home user, SOHO type stuff. Cisco name being mainly in enterprises.



    $140 to $160, I'd take the $160 and never look back especially with the gigabit connection for future use.
  4. Thanks to you both for the info!

    @Hang-the-9 - I had read about QoS and thought that may be the way to go especially with our gaming orientation.

    @riser 0 - appreciate the links! It is not always as easy to find retailers here in Canada that carry the "good" stuff.
  5. Tigerdirect in Canada has always been solid for me. In the Toronto area they have an actual store which is good to know that they're not just internet based.

    For QoS, basically you can assign a certain amount of bandwidth to a service. Say a certain port, service, game, etc, gets 50% of all bandwidth at any given time. This will require some tweaking though and some additional monitoring to make sure you're not giving too much and hurting everything else, or not giving enough.

    QoS is heavily used for voice over IP communications. I would use this as a last resort for tweaking.
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