Asus Rampage IV Extreme and Corsair AX850

I'm trying to hook up the Corsair AX850 to the Rampage mobo, but there seems to be a problem with the 8-pin 12V connector. The cables supplied by the PSU doesn't fit the 8-pin 12V socket on the Rampage. Has anyone ran into this issue?

I would post pictures to clarify, but don't have a camera atm.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.
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  1. You probably mixed up an eight pin PCIe connector with an eight pin CPU power connector. They are not the same and are not compatible. Most power supplies (assuming that this one is included, I'll have to check) that have an eight pin CPU connector have what is called a 4+4 pin connector, IE a 4 pin connector that has another 4 pin connector that can be attached to the first to form a single eight pin connector, that way it is compatible both with 4 pin CPU power motherboards and with eight pin CPU power motherboards. Check for such a connector.
  2. I'm using the right connector; they are clearly labeled.

    The Rampage has a 4 pin and an 8 pin, and according to the manual, three configurations can be used:
    1. 4-pin only
    2. 8-pin only
    3. half of the 8-pin

    Some have stated the manual makes it unclear, but I'm wondering if I can use the 4-pin and half of the 8-pin.
  3. You can give that a try. If it fits, then it should work just fine, at least in this case.
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