Asus Xonar DX Sound card power Supply

My computer is Hp Pavillion Slimline 7610 Desktop,,Have fitted sound card and plugged power lead into back edge of card but cannot find plug/connector inside Pc to get power supply connected.. Can anyone help please..
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  1. The Xonar DX sound card gets its power from the PCI slot it's plugged into. a separate power cable is not needed or required. The only connections on the card are the outputs for your amplifier, mic & line inputs and the digital S/PDIF.

    OK...Just looked in the correct manual... The DX DOES require an additional power cable to work..My bad :pt1cable:
    from the pictures it looks like either a standard power cable for a 3.5 " floppy drive, or Asus should have supplied an adapter that would take their power connector and matched it up with a standard molex plug from your PSU
  2. clarkjd, you are an idiot.Read the question properly and stop wasting our time.
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