USB 3.0 Hub and extension cables

I would like to buy a USB hub and extension cables, so that I can have USB connections more conveniently available.
My PC is not right next to where I sit.

I would need extensions of about 10 meters (about 32 feet).

It's not a big problem if I want to use USB 2.0, there is a wide selection of both hubs and active extensions available, but seeing as USB 3.0 will soon be the standard I would like to go for a "future-proof" solution.

Buffalo has a 4-port hub, the BSH4A03U3, but the article says it's only available in Japan. I live in Norway and have been unable to find it in any US or European shops.
I could possibly obtain one, I know someone who has connections to Japan (although it would be more convenient if I could obtain it without asking him).

A bigger problem, however, is finding USB 3.0 extensions that goes as far as 10m/32ft (I know there probably wouldn't be one cable that goes that far anyway, would probably have to be two of 5m/15-16ft).

Anyone knows about something like this?

Thank you.
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  1. USB has a limit to how long the cables are without data errors, even some cables that are made and sold don't work too well. To find a widely available USB3 hub you may need to wait a bit before the standard is in more wide use. I would not run USB 10 meters. Usually after 3-4 meters you can see issues with devices either not working or working spradically. Had a scanner that would only scan once before you needed to power cycle it, scan one time, then the PC would not see it anymore. The user replaced the setup with a longer cable to move the scanner, soon as I replaced her long cable with a 2 meter one, was working perfect again.
  2. I have seen USB extension/adapter for RJ45 that clip onto both ends of a cat5e (ethernet) cable. USB2.0 has a max length of 5 meters however cat5e I believe can span up to 100 meters. However, I am not sure if this would work with USB3.0 as there may be some sacrifice in data speeds making it pointless. Here is a link to an ebay listing of one but is doesnt seem to specify if USB 3.0 would work:

    I have some USB2.0 5 meter extenders that I bought of ebay that are "active" extensions meaning that they draw extra power from the motherboard and allow the signal to be repeated at the 5 meter mark. The connectors on the extenders are much bigger and are obviously part of the harware to draw extra power. A total of 5 of these can be connected together to extend up to 25 metres. I would assume that they haven't been made yet for USB3.0 but its probably worth keeping an eye out for them.
  3. Thank you hang-the-9 and austin1387.

    Yeah, the active extensions you have is what I'm talking about. Guess it's just not out for 3.0 yet.

    I have no experience using those kind of extensions though, but I suppose hang-the-9 has a point in that it may cause data loss. I already knew about that possibility, but no idea how good the active extensions are.

    Have you ever had any problems with it?
  4. I have two of them connected for a 10 meter distance and haven't really had any issues. the only issues have been when connecting a USB hub to the end and trying to plug multiple devices into it - was causing the "USB device not recognised" error. I'd say that this is most likely a power issue so I am buying a powered USB hub to plug into the end and a power socket as well.. I'm guessing this might overcome the issue so I will soon find out.
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