Ram compatibility

Hello im upgrading my system so i bought a
3930k processor
p9x79 pro motherboard
cpu fan (still looking for a good compatible one)

I currently have an ampx 8 gigs of ram and i dont know if it will work. If it does i would rather just keep it but if not I need ram that adds up to at least 8 gigs of ddr3 and is compatible with the p9x79 pro. I want something that is really good for gaming but not something that is worth way less than its sold for. I dont know whether more sticks is good or bad but i know I would rather keep it at $200 or less but i know quality is key for me.
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  1. Try your memory that you have when you get the rest of the system. If it works, then problem solved. If not, then look into the options that scout_03 suggested.
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