PSU ANTEC 650W, gtx 560, and MSI MB

I just built a new machine with the following:
PSU ANTEC|650W Green
Works fine with a nVidia GT220 but not with my GTX560.
It powers up, just no video. The GTX560 works fine in my old machine. I'm perplexed.
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  1. what happenes when it powers up? beeps? normal no video?

    is the card fans spinning? do you have all power cables hooked to the card?
  2. The machine powers up normally, no beeps, keyboard responds to caps, numlock, etc., so it appears the machine booted normally.
    The GTX560 has two 6 pin connectors hooked up to the PS. The video card fan does spin up. Everything appears normal, just no video.

    I put in an old GT220, video is fine. Put the GTX560 into the old machine, it works fine.
  3. did you OC anything, specifically the gpu? it could be a bad 6-pin connector, only giving out partial wattage/amps. Are all drivers up to date on your new build?
  4. Didn't OC anything, wanted to make sure it worked before changing anything. The bad connector is the only thing I can think of as well. Going to dig up an old PS and try that I guess.
  5. Only thing else i can think of, as silly as it is, is that the pci-e slot isn't compatible. Is it a 2.0? not sure about the 220, but i know the 560 absolutely needs a pci-e 2.0. just a thought while you are scratching your head. Ill dig up some information on how the MoBo to GPU relationship works, and if there is anything that could be wrong with them. What mobo do you have? this has me very curious!
  6. MB is a MSI P67A-C43. It's compatible, I confirmed before buying and others have working setups.
  7. hmm...not sure then. do you have a PSU tool to check if it is working correctly? the more im thinking about it, the more im thinking its a bad connector. also, check to see if there was another 6-pin that came with your psu and try that, or if its modular, just check another port for that particular cable. ill do some research later tonight when i get home from work. im restricted to the things i can look at here.
  8. Just stick your two computers really close turn on old PC and plug the power connectors into the 560 in the new case quick dirty way to test if it is power supply or leads.

  9. Make sure card is seated right too not hitting anything front or back to make it in a little wonky.

  10. Hey all,

    Turns out I didn't have the latest bios for the motherboard...
  11. lalevic said:
    Hey all,

    Turns out I didn't have the latest bios for the motherboard...

    did you get it working??
    and how do you update a bios
    i got a hpe-475uk and i just got a gtx560 (non ti) card and the same thing happens but i havn't put the 2 6pin power supply in would it work if i fully power it or do i have to also update bios??
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