Front panel power problem newbie here hoping that any one out there will help me with my problem in my desktop computer..

i have a GeForce6100PM-M2 motherboard..and the problem is my computer didn't turn on when i'm using the power switch in my PCcasing..this are the ff. method i'd try:
1. i Swap the Power Switch to the Reset Switch to try if it will turn on..NONE
2. i try to power my PSU using a paper clip,connecting the green and black wires..the PSU turns my PSU is not defective..
3.i try to tighten the connector of the power switch but nothing's happen..didn't turn's on
4.i clean the header of the front panel and connect again the power switch of the PCcasing..again..nothing's happen..
5.i try to jumper the power switch in the header,using a longnose TURN'S ON..USING A PAIR OF PLIERS..i don't want to do that every time i open my PC.. me..
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  1. do you have a volt meter that you could use on for reading the resistance if the switch is working since this is a press button switch it could be defective
  2. yes sir..i have a electrical tester..i try it..when i push the button the analog means its not defective..i try also cutting the wire of the power switch button,and connect it to turn on the pc but nothings happening..
  3. Did you install the standoffs under the motherboard? Did you place them so they all align with the screw holes in the motherboard, with no extra standoffs touching the board in the wrong place? A standoff installed in the wrong place can cause a short and some strange problem will happen.
  4. also check all you cable conector on the board the 24 pins and the 4 or 8 pins one and see what ky_ecusa ask you to check
  5. sir ky_ecsusa..i think all the screws are in align with the standoffs..i just use 4 standoffs,in all the corners of the board..

    sir scout_03..the ATX 24pins are OK..and the 4pins..

    its hard for me to know what the problem is,.cause i think all of the components are OK..i check all the possible defective parts..but there OK..

    please give me more ANSWER..i want to fix my computer..there are times that even i'm using a pair of longnose pliers to turn on the PC,the PC don't turn on..but after a while..after some tries to turn it turn's on..i really don't know what the problem is..the problem is very rare for me..its the first time i encounter this problem..please help me..

    thank you so much!!
  6. you have to put all the stand off see 6 of them on the board page and they should be all aligned thoe board holes to put screw in then when you put back the connector check to place power switch + side to the same on the board see page 12 for the connector
  7. actually sir..the pc runs for a year with just is that??though i will try what you said sir..yes..the positive sign is in the right slot when i'm putting them on..
  8. be safer since the middle of the board is not supported could cause issue if you put pressure where there suppose to be stand off to hold the board and prevent bending
  9. its the same sir..nothings happening..

    i dont know what to do.. :cry:
  10. Try to remove all the wire between the case and the motherboard like USB front panel cable, audio front panel cable, LED light wire, etc. Then, only connect the power switch wire to the motherboard for testing. If it works, then one of the cables/wires will be the root cause for this issue.

    In addition, you may try to test the motherboard without mounting inside the case.
  11. actually sir ky_ecsusa..the USB front panel cable is not connect in the motherboard..i use the rear USB slot..and yes sir..i try that..only the power switch cable is connect in the mobo..its the same sir..i even re'assemble the UNIT..but its the same.. :cry:
  12. It's kind of strange. You may try different cases if possible. =)
  13. yes sir..its very strange..very rare..i don't know what the problem is..i check ever thing i know..i do a lot of testing..all you've told me..but nothings i the only one who have the problem like this? :cry:
  14. what happend if you connect the power switch and the reset switch to the motherboard did she post also di you plug in the cpu fan
  15. nothings happening..yes..the cpu fan is plug in..all wires in the mobo to the casing,from PSU to mobo..all of them are in there in the system is turning fun,exhaust fun and cpu fun..
  16. If you have a debug card, you can try take out all the wires and remove all the hardware on the motherboard including CPU, memory, hard drive, etc. Just connect the Power switch wire from your case to motherboard. Trun on the system. If there is some numbers on the debug card, then the motherboard is OK. Mostly, the debug card will show either "FF" or "00". You may need to test all the hardware one by one. One of the hardware may cause this issue. If you don't see any number on the debug card, then it is possible that something wrong on the motherboard.
  17. does your mother board led is on when you put power to the psu will all the power cable connected on the board
  18. do you mean sir,a built-in led in the mobo?that turns on when the UPS or AVR are switch on?my mobo does not have that built-in led..

    i've try this one just now..i disassemble all the parts and run the unit without the casing..i mean,i try to turn on my computer with the parts are in the outside of the casing..its the same..nothings turn's on..i use the pliers again and jumper runs..but after i shutdown it..even i jumper doesn't turn on anymore..

    is it possible that my mobo is defective?
  19. up

    i just want to update this..

    waiting for expert advices.. :cry:
  20. plug the system directly to the wall outlet do not use a ups,power should be on the psu also check if you did not move any of the jumper setting as mark page 9,also recheck all connector the 24 pins and the 4 pins +the cpu fan if they are all connected in and not loose.see page 12 and 13 try to find a momentary switch and connect the pin 6 and 6 then press that switch to see if system boot
  21. same sir..nothings happening.. :(
  22. you plug a momentary switch to pin 6 and 8 then push it up and the system did not boot but when you use a pliers it work there is something with the motherboard,you could be needing to buy a new one except if she still under warranty ask for a rma
  23. yes sir you're right..i think there is something in my mobo.. :cry: like what i've said..sometimes the pliers can't make it turn on..sometimes it turns on..but using a momentary switch...nothings happening...
  24. You can contact ECS technical support for an additional help on this issue.
  25. go with the company support
  26. ok sir i will try it..
  27. If you need more information, feel free to contact ECS Technical Support. [...] 50&LanID=9

    Phone number: 510-226-7333 Option 6
    9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time
    Monday - Friday
  28. do i need sir to tell all the details of my PC?i mean specification?all the name of the parts?

    thank you sir
  29. Yes, more information provided can help more on your issue.
  30. i can't turn on my computer.. :cry: i can't see the bios version of my can i see it?is there a way to see the bios version without a working computer?its almost 3days from computer is totally dead..
  31. did you contact ecs and ask for a rma you got all what you need on the post
  32. You can try to take out the battery for couple hours.

    Besides that, you can check with ECS for the warranty information.
  33. they haven't reply at me yet sir ky_ecsusa :(
  34. Do you have a case number?
  35. yes sir..i got the case number..i saved it..
  36. Would you tell me the case number so that I can check the status for you?
  37. this is my case number sir..12060800018
  38. Pleaes kindly contact us by phone.

    Phone number: 510-226-7333 Option 6
    9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time
    Monday - Friday

    Sorry for the inconvenience!
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