Fan controller for HAF X?

I've never had a case with so many large fans as the HAF X so I don't know if a controller is necessary. My goal is to run it as quietly as possible while still having adequate airflow. I know large fans don't have to run as fast and still get the job done.

If you own a HAF X, did you get a fan controller for it to cut down on total noise? Are you happy with that decision?
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  1. got haf x and added the extra fan to the top and modded a 230mm on the side window instead of the 200mm--using an akasa fan controller to manually control the fans to get the best balance between cooling and noise--though to be fair even at default fan speeds its not really noisy anyway--but since i am overclocking the cpu and graphics card it gives me all the control i want

    so yes quite happy with the decision to fit it
  2. I have a HAF X and was considering a fan controller also. In fact I purchased one and installed it then returned it. If you are going to try one keep these things in mind:

    1- it will add a small mess to your wiring layout. Not a huge deal, but it was a factor for me.

    2- getting one that takes up the full bay will allow you to use the quick mount feature of the case. Getting one that only takes up a half bay is a little trickier to mount and definitely requires screws.

    3- most fan controllers that I saw were for 4 or 5 fans max, although a few have 6. If you load out the fans on your case, some will have to be doubled to one of the fan controller lines. Not a big problem, but if you didn't want to do this on your mobo, it will be the same for the controller.

    4- the controllers with individual dials don't look as cool, but they seem to be easier/faster/more precise in controlling fan speeds and more durable (I have read enough reviews from people saying that their touch screen went out to keep me away).

    5- pick a solid brand. the controllers that I have seen and the one that I purchased was very low quality. And, paying more doesn't equal better quality. Ask around for recommendations on the forums before buying one. Don't just go for the bling factor.

    Almost forgot:

    6- I found that the most noise comes from the CPU Cooler and GPU fans under max load. If you ever get to a point that you need your case fans to max out, the noise won't be coming from them. You can buy fans that are not as loud as the ones that the coolers come with. But, really do some research on GPUs if noise is a big factor for you; unless you mod the card, you are stuck with what you get.

    Replacing existing fans with quieter ones and running them to the mobo is probably a better option than getting a fan controller imo.

    Good luck!
  3. I have a haf x and a fan controller, However my fan controller is for the fans i added to the case, namely my scythe ultra kaze mounted in the vga duct and my 2 scythe slipstreams on my heatsink. The case fans that come with the case are fairly quiet at max speed so i felt no need to change them, i have also added a 2nd 200mm fan to my case. Another pro for adding a fan controller is i got a touch screen one just because it looks badass :-)
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