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  1. If ill only be playing games li cod and wow maybe crysis and a few games like that
  2. Check out my rigs if you'd like. Personally, I don't like gaming on 3 screens, and I absolutely hate gaming in 3D lol. I've tried both a fair bit. I do however love the 120hz that 3d-ready screens have, and am quite happy with GTX 580s so far. I had 560 Ti SLI before, and definitely prefer a single 580.

    If you wanted to get a cheaper card you could - the 560 Ti or 570 are great choices, but slightly less powerful.
  3. What would be better in the long run ?
  4. I personally like a single powerful GPU, rather than going with crossfire or SLI on two weaker ones. I'd either go with either a 570 or 580 if I were you...

    Just depends on how much you'd like to spend I guess!
  5. What would be a good 570 at like 360 $ on newegg
  6. Closer to $300 after rebates:


    I'd go with that second EVGA one (lifetime warranty I believe).
  7. I like the second one but they don't have it on my site ... It only shows up in the link .. But on the Canada version
  8. I'm going to stick with this one .. Should I get a warranty ? And should I get warranties for my mono and CPU?
  9. I'd go with this puppy:

    Zotac has a 1 year warranty on its 580s I believe, which is garbage. Get a card that comes with at least a 3 year one, if not lifetime.
  10. Have you used this card before ??? Do you know if it's good??
  11. If he goes triple monitor in the future, he will need the 3GB version of the GTX 580. I think there's a palit one...

    However, with gaming on triple screens ATI Eyefinity is the way to go. A 6970 would quite well, especially in Xfire. Do you ever want to go 3 screen?
  12. Yea I'm defiantly going 3 screens. And I'm going to go 3d since I have some extra moony to pu for a 3d monitor so I'll have one of the acer monitors you showed me .. So I'm just going to keep the card you advised and just get the one year warranty unless they already have one .... Should I put a warranty on my mobocracy and CPU?
  13. Never mind for the CPU it has 3 year limited so it's all good
  14. Most things should come with a 3 year.... anything less than that seems kind of sketchy to me... Nicer stuff even comes with 5 year, 7 year, or lifetime warranties...
  15. Honestly, get a card with a better warranty. The zotac is 2 years, but with this system you will have it for 5+ years most likely. This EVGA is only $50 more and comes with lifetime unlimited warranty: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130655&cm_re=evga_gtx_580-_-14-130-655-_-Product I know it's a bit more, but you won't be unhappy. EVGA makes amazing products.
  16. Wouldn't I need a 3gb version though ?
  17. *** I feel dumb sorry haha it's 372 mb
  18. Yeah 3072MB=3GB.
  19. Well thank you very much I ordered everything and I have my case and monitor already in thank you a bunch
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