Brand new AMD CPU dirty?

Hello all,

I am relatively new to building computers, and I have just recently received all the parts for my first build. Everything appeared to be in order, except my AMD Phenom II x6 CPU had odd brown smudges and "drip" looking marks on it. I called into AMD to ask about this, and they asked if I had bought it used. I bought it brand new! I was told it is a sign the CPU had been tampered with, and upon their recommendation, I RMA'd it. Today another CPU arrives with the EXACT same issue. Is this normal?!

As previously stated, I'm new to this, but everyone I've asked says the cpu should be pristine if bought new. I've already RMAd once, and am getting frustrated with Newegg and AMD. It's gotten to the point I'm debating just using a dirty cpu to finally get my build under way, but I am very displeased.

An image of the first CPU: (my apologies, the image is huge and you may have to zoom out a bit)

The one I just received has the exact same issue. Is this normal for a brand new, out of the factory never-been-touched or used cpu? Should I be on the phone demanding they overnight me a proper, clean cpu? :/
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    I would get on the phone and demand they send a new one. I wouldn't trust it as it could have been dropped or damaged.

    Plugging it in could damage other parts in your pc too.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I've already waited this long for my build, what's another weekend?

    Newegg is next-day shipping a new one at their expense (except it's a holiday weekend, so I won't be able to build until Tuesday.) Hopefully the third time is the charm. Otherwise, I'll never be going the AMD route again. I hope I'm not being a drama queen, but two dirty "brand new" CPUs in a row is just.. odd. I expected a higher level of quality from AMD.
  3. Have you compared the serial number ?. It could be the same cpu sent twice. I have made dosens of AMD builds and never experienced any issues.
  4. Yes - the above recommendations are sensible. You should be really paranoid when it comes to new parts. If anything indicates they could have been tampered with, do not use them.
  5. It wasn't the same part, I did check the serial numbers. I actually called the AMD reps again after having RMA'd it, and they said it is atypical. The only marks should be the laser etching. I guess I just won the lottery twice.

    Hoping the third will be pristine as it should be. Thanks again for the quick replies, the help is much appreciated.
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