Crossfire 6950's (which cooler)

I've installed heatsinks for CPUs but never GPUs, so I'll, most likely, either be buying the 6950s with after market coolers already installed or just the reference cards.

Each 6950 @ 2gb; 256-bit.

I'll be running the two with:

Mobo: ASRock P67 EXTREME4 (B3)
Case: HAF X 942

The reason I listed the motherboard is because it has 3x pci slots, of which, I assume I can choose any two for my Crossfired cards (the ones with the most distance, presumably)

The case is listed to have high air flow but I added two extra fans:
+1 200MM Top Fan
+1 VGA Fan Duct 120mm

Right now I've had different opinions on the cards:
A few people say that : Twin Frozr II MSI Heatsink will not exhaust hot air and instead blow hot air up into the case and thus the upper card and make both cards hot.
Others say that the reference cards MSI R6950-2PM2D2GD5 Radeon HD 6950 2GB 256-bit are already hot and thus two would make it very hot.

Should I look at the Frozr III model? A different manufacturer?

I'd like to do the 6950s as they seem very future proof. Can someone give me some suggestions with support, thanks.

The full build here and here.
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  1. Hey there, I'm actually in the process of a new CF build myself, and the cards I am gonna go with are two of the ASUS 6950 2GB.

    These are the 3 slot versions but they apparently run cooler than anything i've read up on plus they apparently OC to the level of 6970's without any problem or overheating.
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