Radeon 6950 Crossfire cooling solutions.

Hello all,

Is there a cooling solution for the 6950 that can replace the stock coolers on these cards so they can run at livable temperatures in 16x 16x 4x crossfire?

I have recently come to find that, contrary to information I had when I bought it, the MSI X58 Pro-E is laid out as 16x 16x 4x giving Radeon 6950's about 1 mm of clearance in crossfire.

All of the solutions I have found make the card thicker, not thinner.

I am trying to avoid going to liquid cooling. If I spend much more on this setup my wife will.... well you know how that ends.

Thank you for any help provided.
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  1. Larger air cooling means more PCI real estate.
  2. Oh, I don't so much think I need a larger cooler as ones that don't choke each other.

    Even a 4-5 mm thinner cooling solution would allow enough air to enter the card to get it to a decent temp.

    As it is the 2 6950's seated in the MSI could be sealed with silicon and be airtight to each other.
  3. I am not sure of anything. Either get a better MB or go with a single card solution. Are you over clocking the 6950's?
  4. There both flashed to 6970's

    I am not overclocking yet as I wish to get them cooler properly before I do so, so technically yes 890mhz (Asus Bios) but no not beyond that.

    Considering just going with water cooling and using the money for that instead of the new motherboard as I will be able to reuse the setup. The MB is an awesome piece of work other then its craptastic card spacing.

    Any good 16X 4X 16x motherboards for under 200$?

    When the cards are installed individually they run cool and quiet, the samich effect is killing the rig.
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