Is 3D Vision really worth it?

I'm not short of cash or anything, but is 3D Vision worth the $580? $350 for a 120hz BenQ monitor and glasses kit for $150, then shipping and taxes. I have an MSI GTX 570, will that handle games well with 3D? I can sell my current monitor (I bought in December for $260).
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  1. I checked out a 3D Vision Surround racing game. It was pretty amazing, and unlike any gaming experience you have ever seen. Three dimensions is going to be the wave of the future. Some electronics stores might have a demo version available to try out, but the ones I have seen have been on a small screen and the glasses weren't calibrated correctly.

    The GTX 570 is a great card for single monitor 3D Vision gaming. You have to figure that frame rates are cut in half with 3D, so you are looking for games/settings that allow about 60 FPS. That would be most games, and you can always adjust settings if necessary.

    Just checking some reviews, they all pretty much agree that it is an amazing experience.
    "When it comes to gaming in 3D the experience is truly beautiful and I'm not trying to sugar coat it. I've been playing PC games since the late 1990's and this is by far the most significant advancement that I have ever seen.",2672.html
    "Let’s start with what 3D Vision Surround does well. In games that are “3D Vision-ready,” the experience is as profound as going from a 2D VGA card to a 3D graphics accelerator. I BS you not. If this technology didn’t have such a steep barrier to entry in its cost, I can guarantee you’d be all over it. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Just Cause 2 are perhaps the two poster children of what 3D Vision Surround can do. They’re simply stunning. Trying to describe going from 3D gaming on a 2D screen to a three-dimensional experience is really an exercise in futility. You have to experience it. And if you have your doubts, find someone with the setup and try it yourself."
    "The Nvidia Geforce 3D Vision system is far ahead of the the old 3D technology that we all grew to know and some to love. It offers a new level of immersion to keep you interested while adding that next dimension to your gaming experience. Easy installation, easy configuration and some wicked 3D gameplay add up to a positive gaming experience with the Nvidia Geforce 3D Vision."
    "Looking at 3D, when it works well the effect is awesome and really adds a wow factor to the gaming experience, Bad Company 2, Mafia 2 and Batman being three excellent examples."
  2. Okay, you've got me hooked! I sent an order through NCIX. If the pricematches get approved, I'll almost surely buy! Maybe switching from onboard audio and $30 Creative speakers from Walmart will be next!
  3. Switching to Fatal1ty sound card and Corsair speakers?
  4. humanage said:
    Switching to Fatal1ty sound card and Corsair speakers?

    Look for the Creative X-Fi Titanium "HD" soundcard (~$150), not the regular Creative X-Fi Titanium or Fatality card.

    "When comparing the Titanium HD to Creative's last high end consumer card, the X-FI Titanium Fatality Professional, there is simply no contest. The Titanium HD sounded better in every listening test we performed. Simply put, the sheer audio fidelity blew the older Titanium Fatality away."
  5. I've had it for about 6 months and it's been worth it for me, but I got it used and spent alot less. It's not something you will use all the time but it makes things much more immersive for me in the games that I use it on, and it really impresses people who come over. It's definately not a real good value since you can build an entire gaming PC for 580 and you will only use 3d vision a fraction of the time, but if you have the money to spare it is a really cool piece of technology.
  6. They did just lower the prices and increased the battery time.
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