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Quietest Chassis for SLI

I've picked out all of my components here, I'm just trying to find the proper chassis for this build.

I'll be running 2x Lightning Xtreme GTX 580's in SLI, with a 2600k cooled by a Corsair H80 or H100 (depending on which case I choose). Maybe even the Noctua NH-D14, but I'm afraid the huge size would restrict airflow for the GPU's.

I'm looking to find the most quiet chassis for these components, while still providing enough airflow. I've been looking at the Fractal R3, NZXT H2, some Lian Li cases with dampening, as well as the Corsair 600t and 650D (which aren't marketed for silence).

I'll more than likely be installing aftermarket fans to achieve the quietest sound, probably Noctua NF-P14's and NF-P12's.

I'd appreciate any recommendations! Thanks guys.
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  1. would have to recommend the coolermaster haf x --though you probably cant replace the fans except the rear with noctua ones--the rear takes 120mm or 140mm the others are 200mm and 230mm

    its not that loud anyway--your graphics cards would probably be louder than the case fans
  2. What is your budget sir?
  3. No budget my friend.
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    Ok, the quietest/coolest air cooled PC is the Silverstone Fortress 2 FT02B-W Windowed Gaming Case

    With the Fortress FT02, SilverStone engineers have combined the rigidity of unibody construction with the unparalleled cooling layout of the RAVEN chassis, adding a hot-swappable hard drive cage and an acoustically padded interior for maximum versatility. The result is increased structural strength, increased storage capacity, and whisper-quiet operation. Its elegant outer shell is perfectly accentuated by the U-shaped unibody aluminium frame that not only provides unique styling, but also functional purpose. The bottom gap from the frame to the main body actually serves as the main air intake area for its three massive 180mm fans, making it even suitable for use on carpeted surfaces. For professionals and enthusiasts looking to build a silent workstation or gaming machine with maximum performance, there is no better than the SilverStone Fortress FT02.

    - Dimensions: 212 x 497 x 616 mm (BxHxT)
    - Material: Aluminium Casing, Steel Structure
    - Motherboard Compatability: ATX, Micro-ATX, SSI CEB
    - Revolutionary unique 90° degree motherboard mounting
    - Supports internal radiator mounting
    - Motherboard back plate cut out for easy CPU cooler removal
    - Foam Padded interior for advanced noise absorption
    - 4.5mm aluminium body
    - Cooling: 3x 180 mm bottom mounted fans, 1x 120 mm top mounted fan
    - 5 x 5.25" Drive Bays
    - 5x 3.5" Drive Bays
    - 1 x 25" Drive Bay
    - Expansion Slots: 7
    - I/O Panel: 2x USB 2.0 & 2x Audio
  5. got a silverstone raven 02 and it is a good case but the 90 degree motherboard rotation in silverstone cases can cause some issues--i cant fit in my removable hard drive caddies in it though they fit fine in my haf x

    plugging all the stuff in the top of the case instead of the rear puts some people off as well--though i preffered it that way

    the top to bottom airflow may also prove to be a good idea with 2 gtx 580 in it as it should cool better than the standard design where one card can block the other one
  6. Thanks for the recommendation! The FT02 looks fantastic.

    I also just came across the P193 V3, which also seems to be a performance-oriented noise-conscious chassis. Could that be a better choice?
  7. Simple answer, as ive had both, NO.
  8. You the man Uther. Thanks for the help!
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