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Hello Guys,
I am looking to put together a new PC with an ASUS Z77 Sabretooth board and I7 3770K. When looking at speccing the memory am I right that the maximum this board can handle is 1600mhz? Is this it's absolute maximum or just what it is guaranteed to work with? Is there much to gain from going 1866 or 2133mhz even if it can?

Thanks for reading and I hope you can shed some light on this for me.

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  1. this board support upto 1866mhz you cannot go further otherwise many issue's will be occuring.
  2. The i7 is designed to work with -1600 RAM.

    The motherboard should run with faster RAM. The CPU may.

    OTOH, you will seen very little real benefit in running faster RAM. Seems counter-intuitive, doesn't it?

    Better just to run 1600 MHz 1.50 volt RAM.
  3. Excellent, Thank you for the concise replies. I did read somewhere that going up in speed didn't always produce real world speed gains so I am happy to stick with 1600mhz ram. Thanks again. Better get on and start ordering it all.....
  4. good mind.
  5. good mind.
  6. Yes, I was thinking either the Corsair Vengeance or Dominator or GSkill Ripjaws? 8 gb in 2x 4gb modules.
  7. g.skill ripjaws is hotter choice.
  8. G skill it is then. It seems most people do recommend them. Thanks for your help.
  9. yes. welcome
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