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Random shutdowns

I have a problem with a windows 7 32 bit fully updated system.

The user is one of our engineers and will leave tests running on the machine either overnight or during the workday. Every once in a while the machine will randomly shutdown (Or appears to its one of those "Only happens when the user isn't looking" problems).

The event viewer doesn't show anything out of the ordinary, not even an unexpected shutdown error. There are no dump files, all the drivers are updated, its a fairly new machine so I don't think its overheating (and the tests are not very CPU intensive). The electrical system is fine, no one else is having problems with power. Power setting are good it shouldnt ever shutdown fully.

Im just kind of at a loss. Does anyone have any other trouble shooting methods I should try, or any knowledge pertaining to the symptoms?
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  1. How are you monitoring temperatures on your systems? Sounds like a heat related shutdown on the surface.
  2. Ill give heat monitoring a try. It appears as such.

    Anyone know of a good CPU temp program? Preferably one that logs temp over the course of a day?
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    What type of PSU does the machine have and has it had any upgrades added to it that might be adding to the power usage -- might also be a lack of stable power if the PSU is barely enough to keep the system running.
  4. Get hwmonitor and run in the background. Logs will be generated as it runs to provide a history. I have also seen "leaky memory" cause these sorts of problems in the past with poorly developed software. Heat is the likely culprit here though.
  5. Windows XP use to have an option somewhere to disable autoreboot on a bluescreen, not sure if W7 has this same option or not but that might be worth looking into as well. though since nothing is showing in the even viewer then that probably wont help any.

    My gut feeling would be a point heat issue over some componant. Mostlikely something that wont show on a standard temp monitor. If you dont see any issues with a temp monitor progam running try altering the box configuration to change the air flow and see if that does anything.
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