AM3+ CPU Cooler...need recommendation(s)

Title says it all. I currently have a Coolermaster HAF-932 (great case by the way, and very roomy) and I will be building a new PC come Bulldozer. I've got my new mobo (Gigabyte 990FXA-0UD3) and I'm looking for a new CPU cooler that will fit.

Will anything labelled as an AM3 cooler work AM3+ board/cpu? Also, I want something that doesn't require me to change the backplate on my mobo. My current H50 requires it, and frankly it just annoys me :), so I want to get something that will work with my Thuban and FX-8150 (when they launch) and no more than around 75-ish bucks.

Thanks in advance!
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    Are you in luck... Read the HSF reviews at the link below. I recommend the Xigmatek Aegir SD128264 as the best performance/value HSF right now for serious cooling. It's big but should fit most cases.

    Note: MOST good coolers require you to change the backplate. Read the reviews for particulars on what coolers fit what CPUs, but yes most of the coolers tested fit all AMD AM3/AM3+ and Intel CPUs.
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