Nvidia GTX 460 Heat Question?

For those tech nuts out there... ya you know who you are...

I finally upgraded my entire pc system as the one I had was about five years old and decided to call it quits. What I ended up with was an AMD Phenom II x4 with 6MB of RAM. 600W Coolmax Pro power supply and a Sparkle Nvidia GTX 460 (768MB)

For cooling I have three case fans and the power supply is a coolmax pro with a vent fan built in.

I tried out all the hot stuff I have RIFT, Bad Company 2 and Metro 2033 with the settings maxed out. All of them barely sweat the card as I was still getting 30FPS+ on all of them.

My question is this, this is the first video card I have ever had that has major heat cycles. When the card is at idle ie not rendering the power consumption is extra low as is the heat. The card itself has a vent port and takes up 2 pci slots. Below is a pic of the temp settings when running at idle and at full rendering (I played bad company 2 for about an hour and then took a screenshot of the temps, under load left, at idle on the right).

Would you say these limits are still acceptable (ignore the flame symbol next to GPU, this is an old arse temp monitor but I love it)? I read somewhere the max load the vid card can take is 105'C though that seems a bit extreme. Should I be concerned about any of these temps at all or does it look to be about the norm with a card putting out that much juice. Most of the benchmark test articles I found stated under load the card ran at about 65'C so I seem to be near the right mark. I was thinking of buying another stand alone fan card that would also exhaust heat though I dont know if I am being too excessive. Let me know what you think!

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  1. That's nothing to worry about. In fact, 66C is quite low compared to most cards. For example, the gtx 480 safely runs into the 90s if running an extreme game or bench. 105C max is correct.
  2. That is a pretty good temperature. Game on!
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