Samsung 30nm low pro sticks, best kept secret?

I was looking around for them all day, I finally found an 8(2x4g) kit on microcenter, though they DO NOT have it searchable on their site, I only found it through google but it showed in stock (limited supply) and had a longer ship time than normal.

Has anyone on here ever messed with these here? It seems they are actually quite the little beasts, with their 30nm structure and low pro format they are almost half the size of regular ram, do not require any type of heat sync as they do not get hot at 1.3v or even 1.5v, and regularly hit 2133+ speeds, and I have read people running them with latencies as tight as 8 across 1t and some even 7 at 1600!!!!! All of this at an unbeatable price, no wonder they are sold out almost everywhere I look.

Here is the link to the microcenter page, once again you cannot find it through their search feature.
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  1. I am really really hoping they are there.... just got an email from them saying they are limited availability, so its first come first serve and I may be too late! :(
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