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Help! having Mobo installation issues

Ok im having some issues I upgraded my computer from a crappy AND cpu and the fx-4100 cpu to a Asrock z77 extreme 4 and a i5 3570k cpu. I took out the old mobo and then installed the new one and cpu hooked it all up turned it on and then it goes to the windows screen saying it needs to repair i run that no good now I know I need to reinstall windows the problem in having is I cant figure out how to get it to run the CD I go into bios set it to boot from CD drive when I did it would turn on then shut off run from harddrive it will turn on for a few then shut off I'm stuck because I cant figure out what to do now and the user guide is not helping seeing its written as if you just built the computer not did a switch from AMD to intel. I was told this was supposed to be easy =/ not looking this way.

Computer when I bought it.

Specs now
Asrock z77 extreme 4
i5 3570k
corsair 650tx

rest is the same as before.
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  1. It is easy. Of course sometimes we have slight delays. Did you buy your Windows CD or made it yourself?
  2. Try booting into safe mode and run the install from there.
  3. The CD came with the computer but its not OEM ive used it a few times to upgrade my old labtop and mothers old laptop from vista to windows 7. It somtimes will turn on a few seconds then shut off and safe mode key is f8 right?
  4. Sorry but you will have to buy another copy of windows.
    We can not help you if your copy of windows is already running on 2 other machines.
    What you are trying to do is illegal and against the forum rules.
  5. How is it illegal if my copy of wibdows 7 isnt OEM? Pretty sure its mine lol
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    He is making an assumption that you used the same license on all three machines which would in fact be illegal. However if you used the same disk and three sperate licenses then no biggie. try getting a thumb drive using the windows 7 thumb drive creator provided by Microsoft to create an windows install on that thumb drive and then boot off that. Good Luck
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