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Looking for an specific Mobo

Hi there guys. Since 10 years ago I've been using AMD board's and I've been always satisfied until now. I have a Gigabyte fx990 ud3 mobo and the mobo itself is awesome, but as you already know the FX processors are just not so good as expected; in addition I recently bought an MSI gtx 680 which I would like to see in SLI, but fx 990 mobos have problems with it! So I think it's time to move to intel. Anyway I was thinking on getting an intel board with the same features as my Gigabyte fx990 has (specially 2 16x pci ports and the audio quality) but so far I haven't been able to; I don't know much about Intel platform but I find pretty confusing so far that there are a lot of slot around.

So far I found the Gigabyte z77 gi sniper 3 but it's a 500US mobo, or the x79 ud3 but it only works with i7´s

I'd like a gigabyte mobo that supports an i5 2500k or the 3570k, my budget is around $250.

Thank you
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    Virtually any sli capable Z77 motherboard will do the job for you.
    They will all have X16 capability for a single slot, and X8/X8 capability in sli. It is part/limitation of the chipset design.
    But, do not worry about X8/X8. Even with a card as good as a GTX680, there is negligible difference in actual FPS. Think 1-2% or so.

    As to the audio quality, I have no expertise. I find onboard to be perfectly fine to my sound challenged ear. You will have to research the sound quality of the different chipsets used for sound.
    One can always add a discrete sound card later.

    If you are most comfortable with gigabyte, fine. But check out the others like Asus, Asrock etc.. too.
    As far as I can tell, they are all good.
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  3. Thanks a bunch!
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