Is my graphics card too powerful for the rest of my hardware?

Hi all :D

I have built a pc specifically for playing older games (unreal tournament 2004, deus ex, rainbow six 3, operation flashpoint, possibly ARMA etc..)

Basically, I'm having framerate problems despite the fact that the specifications i have are MUCH higher than recommended! I suspect it is something to do with the graphics card, as it is the only thing I've installed that is relatively new tech. Here are the specifications:

Pentium 4 at 2.66 ghz
2 gb RAM
NVIDIA Geforce 210 (Zotac)
GIGABYTE Motherboard EG41MF-US2H
(also i think my power supply is 300w but I can't quite remember... it's roughly around that)

I simply can't understand why old games like UT 2004 run as slow as they do on such a system. I know it's not fast for this day and age, but these are old games we're talking about...The only game I would expect to run slow is ARMA because i built it to try to match the recommended specs though its a bit below. The drivers are all up to date for the graphics card AND the motherboard, so I'm basically all out of ideas.

Again, if it seems like a really dumb question, I've search google for ages trying to find a solution and all im getting is babble. Thanks for reading this, I'd really appreciate your help!! :D :D :D
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  1. To answer your subject question, the answer is no. The issue is that both your CPU (P4) and the GPU (Geforce 210) are fairly low in terms of performance and gaming, especially if you are playing at higher resolutions and levels of detail. Just not enough horsepower there.

    What resolution are you gaming at? Also, are you enabling all of the typical visual details?
  2. I don't think your GPU is powerful enough to game. Back in 2004 I was gaming on a P4 2.4, 512Mb RAM and a 128MB Radeon 9700.

    Looking at the specs of the Geforce 210, I just don't think it could keep up with a 9700.
  3. I think the Geforce 210 is the main problem. I was playing UT 2004 on a similar system with a 7800GS AGP card and it was pretty smooth. The best thing would be to consider a video card upgrade or overclock your CPU and video card.

    Grab a copy of Afterburner, and OC that 210:
  4. The problem is that the GT 210 is one of the weakest cards ever made. Don't expect to play Farmville with it.
  5. You should put together a 250$ system with good on board video I bet it would run those games good :)
  6. operation flashpoint is actually a pretty hardware intensive game as is arma (at the time). a gt210 is very slow, slower than some onboard graphics. and a 2.6ghz p4 is slow also. is it a dual core p4? or single core? if its dual core you could get away with running a gt240 or ati 5570. otherwise id say upgrade to a core 2 duo of some description with a gt240 or 5570 and youl be flying.
  7. Thankyou all for your responses! It's really helped me to identify the problem, which im definitely sure is the graphics card itself. Any suggestions on a good graphics card to buy for games? (one that will work well with older games like the ones listed, perhaps even Arma?)
  8. HD 4670, or GTX 240. Both can be found dirt cheap on newegg right now.
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