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Dead computer

hey folks

I'm having a problem with my computer. Sunday evening I shut it down, as normal, after defrag, disck clean-up and a complete virusscan from norton and playing some games. Monday morning, my computer refused to boot, I didn't get the motherboard (asrock xtreme3) screen, no uefi bios, nothing. My monitor led didn't stop blinking, but it was connected. the power led on my pc is burning, but the HDD led doesn't. The fans are spinning, on the speed that I set in the Bios and my modding CCLs are working. Inserting a windows disk doesn't work, it still refuses to boot. There is also no post-beep.

please help, I hate not being able to use my computer. I've built this system in february this year, and it hasn't had any problem since now, only once it didn't start in the morning, but when I came back from school it started as is nothig happened... strange right? it has been 2 days now, and when I turn it off I also switch off the socket, so there is no contact.

Does anyone know what to do? :(
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  1. The first thing I would do is try a known good PSU. The only way to troubleshoot something like this is to replace components one at a time until you find the culprit.
  2. well, the problem with that is that I don't have any parts. before this pc I used a laptop, and before that I had a shitty computer, so I don't have anything to change.
  3. List all PC parts :

    My very first reaction would be to check the Graphics Card... since you can't even see the uefi. No display=display issue.

    Even if the HDD wasn't working it should load the uefi bios.
  4. well, there's no post-beep, so the bios has never been loaded, right? Do you agree, or am I wrong?
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    I would check RAM as i had the same problem a ram SLOT ramdonly faild on me so just set the computer up and start with the very basics one stick of ram no HDD on CD drive and i you have an on board graphics card use that and take your other card out.
  6. allright, gonna try that tonight. My dad once had a problem with his computer, the CPU fan wouldn't stop spinning at 100% speed, so we pulled the ram out, put it back again and the problem was solved.

    thank you, I hope it works :)
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