As the title suggest, i can connect to PC1 (7) using my PC2 (XP) but i can't do the opposite... When i try, Windows ask me for pass and login, but even though i put correct one, it says it's wrong... So i tried to remove my XP pass, usually doing this, Windows would connect to it without asking anything. But still same. I have no idea what it is... I tried to connect to XP with PC3 (7 too) to make sure my PC1 doesn't have bad 7 configuration, but same. So the trouble's coming from XP. It's not firewall for sure, i tested. Hope to get it fixed.

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  1. Each computer will need to have the same username and password on each one.

    Disable Simple File Sharing on the XP systems.
  2. Thanks, i totally forgot that thing!
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