Are my temps good? first pc ever built


Just built my first pc ever:

CM HAF 912
i3 2100
750W PSU
2x2gb ram
320gb HD
radeon 6870

using stock paste on cpu cooler and 6 fans in the case (2x120 front intake, 2x120 top exhaust, 1x120 back exhaust, 1x120 side intake.

CPU is 34C idle
GPU is 47C idle
Internal temp is about 31C

all my fans are running 100% is this fine or should i do something about it? (idk what to do lol)

also cpuz says my memory is 667 mhz but my bios says its 1333mhz. wtf?
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  1. Yeah those temps are fine. You should see if you can turn down the fan (in ccc for gpu, idk what for cpu) that will help reduce the noise. What temps are you seeing under load?
  2. about to play dirt 2 demo to find out.

    can u help me with the memory problem?

    also bro you rock its thanks to you i got my build done right the first time.
  3. case is silent i added pads and *** to it. there is almost NO noise :D insane airflow tho
  4. I've hard of the mem issue you're experiencing. I can't remember, but I think it's just the way cpu z shows the memory. You should be good. If not, ask in the memory section of the forums. They can help you better than I can.
  5. after 10 min of dirt 2 43C cpu and 63C gpu
  6. Those temps seem perfectly normal. The gpu is a little hot, nothing to be worried about.
  7. should i remove the side fan and make it exhaust?

    the gpu fan faces down towards bottom of the case... sooo idk wat to do
  8. Like I said, Don't worry to much about it. It's a tiny bit hot, nothing major. As long as it doesn't go like 75-80 you should be good. Even then it's ok.
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