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I recently installed MSI's 560 TI along with a new psu in my computer. The install went fine and for the first few weeks I didnt notice anything wrong. A few nights ago the card started to make strange noises. Almost as though the fan was making contact with something inside the case. This ticking noise is getting rather bothersome and I havent been able to locate anything inside the case that could be causing it.

I tried running the computer with the tower on its side instead of vertical and for a while the noise subsided. I'm at a loss on what could be making a strange ticking sound in my gpu and really would not like to go through the hassle of returning it if I could avoid it. Anyone have any tips on things to try and remedy this, or advice on whether this is a serious problem with the card itself?
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  1. I think I figured out the noise for sure. The first of the two fans is the cause of it. I put my finger on the center of each of the fans. The noise subsided when I put my finger on the first fan. Once I removed my finger the fan would not spin again on its own. The second fan however would resume spinning once my finger was removed.
  2. It seems like the fan is rubbing up against something. You could remove the shroud to clear any obstructions around the fan. The fan won't spin if there is anything at all in the way.
  3. Im about ready to try that. I've never removed one before but it doesnt seem like to terrible of a task.
  4. As long as you're not messing with the heatsink itself, t should be a relatively straightforward process by just removing a few screws.
  5. I noticed something like that with my 5830, I laid my case on its side and the fan was rubbing up against something, it slides up and down but when it's completely upside down and gravity is pulling the fan down it doesn't rub against it. I will keep an eye on this thread and see what's up :)
  6. So I did my best to clean around the fan and the noise sometimes stops. I honestly think it may just be a defective fan. It seems to be spinning oddly and when I contacted the retailer I purchased it from, they recommended that I just return it to them and they will swap it out.
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    You should return the card.
  8. Sadly when I got to the store they had run out of the MSI 560 TI's and they offered me a Galaxy 560 TI instead. Kinda not happy to get something that runs hotter and has a slower core clock rate, but they threw in a 10% discount which was roughly $25 so I can't complain to much.
  9. The Galaxy 560's have improved cooling over their 460's, which were pretty loud.
  10. I was checking the bench marks and all of them had the MSI version running a bit better, and distinctly cooler.
  11. The 560 was made to overclock, so once you get up to a similar OC, the performance difference will even out. The Twin Frozr keeps the coolest temperatures, though.
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