Ubuntu Boots/XP crashes

Two computers with two hard drives involved in my question. One drive has XP SP3 on it and the other has ubuntu 11.10 on it.

ComputerA boots both hard drives fine with zero problems.

ComputerB will boot the ubuntu drive but gives me the blue screen with the "A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer" message on it.

Is there something with the mobo that prevents it from booting XP?

First time post, let me know if more info is needed.

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  1. No, there is nothing wrong here. When windows sets up it's environment, it takes note of the hardware - if there is a variation in the hardware, windows will balk, I would venture that the computer that XP runs on is the one it was originally installed on. I am not aware of a work around for that (doesn't mean it doesn't exist - could be an easy registry edit...).
    I would take the thread to the XP forum, they should be aware of limitations along those lines, Suggested title for thread "Using XP on two different Computers" or "Using XP System Hard Drive on multiple Computers" or something like that.
  2. Driver conflict issue between machines.

    When the OS was installed, it remebers everything about the PC is was installed on. Moving the drive to another machine, it knows it's differnet.

    Microsofts EULA is as simples as 1 PC, 1 license, 1 OS.

    You just can't do what you are doing: swapping out hard drives between machines.
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