My graphics card do not support HD videos how I can play?

I have intel gvsr motherboard and I dont have an external graphics card,So I can not play most of the HD videos and whenever I try to play them my graphics card stops functioning and I have to reboot to restore my graphics settings.Is there any solution?any add on's or specific software/media player that can play it? or else which is the best graphics card that will suit this board??
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  1. It's probably best to install a video card especially if your computer is somewhat old.

    You'll need to find out if you have an AGP port or a PCI-e port for the graphic card. An inexpensive one should do the trick. Something like a HD 4350 will be fine.

    If you don't have either an AGP or PCI-e port, then you'll need to buy a HD 4350 for a PCI port. That will cost a little more because the PCI port is very old and have limited production.
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