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hi guys I i am currently running starcraft 2 on low settings with the graphics card ATI Radeon HD 4200. I want to be running it on high-ultra mode and hoping to run Diablo 3 on high quality setting as well. My computer is an HP computer with a AMD Athlon(tm) x4 630Proceesor 2.80ghz 4gb ddr3 ram.
Can you guys recommend me a graphics card that will run on this computer ? (if you can please give me some sites or links where I can buy them.)
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  1. what kind of power supply do you have, and how many watts?
  2. tell us your budget for the card as well as your power supply unit.

    For starcraft 2, definitely get a GeForce card over ATI
  3. A gtx 560 will run diablo III and sc2 fine on high settings, since geforce cards perform better on blizzard titles.
  4. Graphics card means little to nothing in sc2. I have a q6600 at 3.6 and i bought a gtx 570. I noticed a 0% performance boost from a gtx260...... the game is cpu intensive. Just got for a 260. Wait until D3 comes out, then find out what it is that you need to buy in order to achieve the performance u want. No sense buying it all now when D3 "might" come out this year.
  5. Yes and your 260 was a powerful card to begin with while the 4200 is integrated. The difference is going to be significant.
  6. This chart should sum up any questions that you may have. If you have any questions about the individual cards, do not be afraid to ask.,2611-6.html
  7. Keep in mind that the minimum FPS is also a very important factor to take into consideration. Anything that dips below 30 FPS at a resolution you may be using (ex. 1920X1200) is going to be visible and probably not going to make you happy.
  8. Thanks for the replies guys really appreciate it!
    the model is HP Pavilion p6654y MAgensium gray edition.
    # Device Type Power supply
    # Power Provided 250 Watt
    My budget for a graphics card is around 50$~$200
  9. With that budget, I recommend a GTX 460. Also, you will need a new PSU.

    *Make sure you get a solid PSU with that ~600 Watts of GOOD psu just to be on the safe side (I prefer Antec, Corsair, or XFX).

    What resolution are you running your games on? You might be able to get away with a 768mb version if it's lower resolutions
  10. Blizzard games usually like nVidias cards more, in comparision HD6850 vs GTX 460 usually wins 6850, but especially in SC2 wins 460, but in HD 6950 vs GTX 560 Ti - 6950 wins, cause it's more powerful,

    for your budget best is to get 500-600W PSU and GTX 460
    is a little more than 200$
    ..nice combo
  11. ty for the replies guys. uhm since i have to buy a new PSU, can you guys recommend a cheaper graphics card? around 100$ or a little more so ican buy a psu with it ?
  12. again, if your resolution is lower than 1920 x 1080, then the gtx 460 768mb will be more than adequate for you.

    this one is arguably the best gtx 460 non-reference card, but it is going to cost $135 after MIR with free shipping.

    my friend has this card, and he loves it and it will run ultra settings SC2 fine unless you have A LOT of units (even then, you will get ~40 fps, very playable with SOME hiccups)
    It will be ~$122 After MIR including shipping

    either one of those will be a good choice imo, let me know if you want to go even one step lower than those cards, but I really recommend you don't go any belower.
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