Im looking to but a new mother board and video card

Hello,im just getting big into pc gaming and i use a galaxy gts250 512mb for gaming which plays everything mostly on high but some games medium i want something that will play games alot smoother and i want to upgrade my mother board because at the moment i am using a junky e machines motherboard and i want to get it out of there and i need to find one that works with a Athlon x3 460 looking to buy both a new mother board and video card in about the range of 230-260 thank you!
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  1. Raiddinn said:

    I just upgraded my video card and was going to buy the 6850 because it had the best price to performance ratio I could find that was still in the upper end of the spectrum. Ended up finding a used 6870 instead for less than the lowest price of a 6850 I could find.
  2. That works just as well.
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