Acess Points work for some floors and not for others

Good day, I live in a building that has free wifi access.

We have access points throughout. However some folks cannot receive / or send the signal due to whatever reason. Blockage, etc.

I wanted to know if it's possible, to find the Access Point via its manufacture, and reconfigure it for those floors having trouble connecting using windows-based machines?

I figured its the Access Points and not the Router that would need reconfiguring but I could be wrong.

My building's wifi is public. I do not have access to reconfigure, because it's run by another company. However if possible, I can take instructions and use my own PC to reconfigure the Access Points, so others in the building can use it.

I have checked a few PC's and concluded the problem is not individually PC related.

I do have the equipment list throughout the building. (Management has been very slow in providing help; I am trying to further help so others can use this free wifi).

1- Cisco Aironet 1100 AP
2- Soekris 4501 - Gateway
3- Pebble Linux for DHCP, NAT, DNS caching, Dynamic DNS, etc

-Happy Holidays to all-
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  1. If it's not your equipment don't mess with it, you'll either fix nothing or break it for everyone. If people can't recieve a signal, ask them to install more APs.
  2. OK... I am not a criminal. However I see where you are coming from. My intention was not to "break in", just help others have internet access. Happy holidays
  3. What I really meant is that since you did not configure the equipment, trying to "fix" it will probably not get you any good results. There are very few things you can do to increase range anyway in the AP settings. If there are issues, you should check with whoever is responsible for the equipment.
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