AMD Phenom B45 w/ Photoshop CS5

I have a budget gaming computer that I put togther, but have realized a new passion for Photoshop :). As its a budget computer and I have little to no 'extra' money at the current time, I had a few questions:

1.) How many cores can Photoshop use? I've heard 1,2,4, and 8, some saying it depends on the filter, some saying its this many cores and that's it.

2.) If I overclock my CPU a couple hundred Mhz would that make any difference in performance in Photoshop (I can't seem to find any benchies)? I only have the stock cooler or I would overclock the lights out of the CPU :). And I ask as I don't want the stupid jet fan to go off every time I start a program, and i'm not sure if there is all that much performance gain.

3.) I plan on buying an 8GB set of DDR3 RAM soon, as the prices are plummeting. I already have 4GB in the system so:
a.) Would the two sets work together or is it a toss up (I hear the latter, but wanted some personal experience)?
b.) What RAM should I get based on what I have?

My Rig:
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit
64GB SSD Boot Drive
MSI 970-G45
AMD Phenom II x4 B45 3.1 Ghz (Unlocked Athlon II x3 445 3.1Ghz)
4GB G. Skill DDR3 1600 Ripjaw Series (Operating at 1333, 9-9-9-24, 1.5v)
MSI GTX 460 1GB Cyclone
1TB HDD Space
500 Watt Corsair PSU

Adobe Master Collection CS5 (64 Bit)
Adobe Lightroom 1.?
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  1. your cpu will run ps just fine , I have 2 rigs one with a dual core athlon 240 and one with a tri core, and they both run ps and all other adobe apps just fine
  2. How much RAM do you use?
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