Is 800FSB processor compatible with 1066FSB motherboard?

I had a problem with one my computers. One of my friend checked and suggested that it might be a problem with processor.

The one i had was a dual core 3.0 ghz processor(not sure about the model number).
I have a mercury PI945GCM motherboard.

I bought a new processor intel E5700, 3Ghz, LGA775, 65W, 800FSB(Dual core).

When I used the E5700 and booted it only stops on the first Mercury screen. No error message.

I did a research and found that my motherboard was 1066FSB.

Is 800FSB processor compatible with 1066FSB motherboard? Is that why the computer is not booting?:mad:

If yes then can i sell this online? Coz I dont think the shopkeeper will take it back. Is this E5700 is a good processor and has good market?
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  1. I did a bit of research and managed to find the motherboard manual on line and the motherboard (assuming you have the correct model no.) does support CPU's with 533/800/1066FSB - so in theory the chip should work. However there are reason why some motherbards wont accept CPU's despite having a matching FSB and socket design.

    and a litle more digging came up with the official CPU support list for your motherboard :-

    it appears that your CPU is not supported - thats the bad news over with.

    CPU's are very well built and rarewly go wrong - what made you think it was a defective CPU in the first place ?
  2. are you sure that your mobo has 1066fsb if yes then change your cpu.your problem will be done
  3. your E5700 should support your motherboard. however some boards dont. try to update your BIOS first then see if it will solve the prob.
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